Our value-driven team help you to look for loops

Colienne Regout, founder of Look4Loops

Colienne Regout, founder of Loop4Loops

Her experience in Corporate Social Responsibility and in implementation of Sharing Economy initiatives pushed her to go further in the construction of new systems. Today, through Look4Loops, she is approaching companies’ challenges with the power of the circular economy. She is blending her research taste with her expertise in operations and user experience to build « more and better with less » projects. Used to juggling with different kinds of partnerships between multinational corporations, nonprofits and government organizations, she always fall in love with innovative and value-driven businesses.  

She already brought new perspectives and tools (such as the Playbook, publications, ShareFest, pedagogical game, carpooling platform and App)  to more than 30 organizations implemented all over the world. She sees a lot of potential synergies blending European and Canadian perspectives.

In addition to her various professional hats like project manager or business analyst, Colienne is also active in her neighborhood and rolls up her sleeves when it comes to respecting the cycles of our urban nature. Here is an article that will give you an idea of her temperament.

Her favorite quote : “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Socrates

Patrick Nangle, adviser at Look4Loops

Patrick Nangle, CEO at Modo Co-operative, Advisory Board Member

Patrick Nangle has more than 20 years senior executive experience in international business and managing across borders. He has lived in Canada, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA and worked all over Europe, North America and parts of Asia. Patrick joined Modo Co-operative as its CEO in mid-2016, with the intent to keep the purpose-driven, member-owned co-operative relevant in a rapidly changing market for personal mobility. He has worked in both large and small organizations and, today, he is enjoying everyday how to marry processes and systems with a nimble decision making.

Liz Lougheed Green, adviser at Look4Loops

Liz Lougheed Green, Director of Community Investment at Vancity Savings Credit Union, Advisory Board Member

Liz has many years of experience as a community developer, social policy advocate and social enterprise practitioner. She is the Director of Community Investment for Vancity. The team of community economic development professionals provides critical strategic counsel to Vancity leadership about impact investing and inclusion. Prior to joining Vancity, Liz was the manager of strategic programs for Vancity Community Foundation (VCF), and earlier in her role as executive director, Liz led the Potluck Café Society from start-up through to sustainability. She holds a Multidisciplinary Masters in Policy and Practice, and serves on the CED Advisory of the Canadian Women’s Foundation, the Board of Corporate Knights and of BC Cooperative Association.  In addition, she is a sessional instructor at BCIT, supporting professionals integrate an impact approach into their existing practice.

Monika Marcovici, adviser at Look4Loops

Monika Marcovici, Social Purpose Strategist, Advisory Board Member

Monika has a background in Systems Design Engineering, Sustainability Strategy, and Database design. She cobbles all of these together in her dual position of Catalyst of Transformation and Systems Designer at International Web Express (IWE), a local newspaper and sheet-fed printing company. Monika and her partner Byron Sheardown co-own IWE, the last remaining independent newspaper printer in Western Canada. With IWE's heavy emphasis on social responsibility and environmental sustainability, owners and staff at IWE are excited to be part of the 1st ‘Innovators’ cohort of the United Way’s recently launched Social Purpose Institute. Monika was the co-founder and a director of the Board of Change for 9 years and remains passionate about leveraging the powerful influence and financial resources of business to spearhead positive change.