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Would you like to save up to 80% of the input costs of your product ?

Do you want to know how to increase your revenue from your existing goods and services ?

Won't your business like to avoid most waste ?

Take the opportunity to do «more and better with less»

Look4Loops offers you a definite plan and strategy to be the next generation of impactful businesses.


Why Look4Loops? — Because we help your company optimize the use of your resources and prevent waste!

As Einstein said: «We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them».


From linear economy…

Why look4loops_linear economy_take-make-waste

Modern society is governed by a linear economic system. It consists of

  • taking raw materials from the earth,

  • making products out of them for a specific use

  • and, finally, creating many levels of waste.

We call this line the «take-make-waste» model and it brought numbers of problems, such as resources scarcity, overproduction, overconsumption and pollution, to name but the most obvious.

The first loop you need is to rethink the way you operate.

… to circular economy…

Why look4loops_circular economy_redesign-reuse-recover

Reducing negative impact from an obsolete linear economic system isn’t enough.

We need a regenerative economy by design. Just as nature works in cycles, the circular economy creates continuous value.

Follow the «redesign-reuse-recover» loop:

  • create goods as tomorrow’s lasting resources,

  • keep products and materials in use,

  • get back components to a raw stage.

… in partnership

Why look4loops_partnership-collaboration_gears

By reaching out this virtuous cycle, you will generate more economic, environmental and social benefits (pillars of the Corporate Social Responsibility).

It engages your whole value chain management and many inspiring business partners.

Let your loop expand with many ripple effects by looking for more collaboration and best practices.

With Look4Loops, you will learn from each other, we’re in this together.


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