Our Circular Services


We help your company optimize the use of your resources and design out waste.

Look4Loops gives you all the tools to future-proof your core business.

What Services for Which Company?

look4loops_services for sustainable beginners_become better

Advisory services for sustainable beginners

You want to be part of the circular economy but you don’t know where to start?

We propose interactive workshops:

  • to raise awareness about circular economy

  • to build your new business model

  • to elaborate new synergies

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Advisory services for sustainable businesses

You are a running sustainable company but you want to grow your circular value?

We are working on:

  • your core-business strategy

  • your circular impact

  • your new opportunities

  • your staff training

  • your circular metrics  

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Implementation of innovative start-ups

You have a circular initiative ready to get to market?

We are working on:

  • project management on the field

  • pain points anticipation

  • supportive partnerships

  • circular metrics

Our Circular Methodology

Our services methodology follows a chronological and circular order through 3 main steps:


Educate using

  • Interactive Workshops to embed circularity

  • Analysis Grid to highlight your core-business needs and challenges

  • Support for Communication to enlighten all stakeholders

Create using

  • Unveiled Opportunities to enhance collaborations and circular competitive advantages

  • Tailored Plan and Strategy to operate circular processes

  • Projects Facilitation on site

Optimize using

  • Pain Points Report to avoid or mitigate risks and foresee new opportunities

  • Relevant Key Performance Indicators to assess and adapt your circular model for the best

  • Continuous Support to keep adjustments on durable and profitable tracks

This approach involves right away key people in your company — from various departments, positions and decision level — as direct stakeholders in your circular shift.